Shit Show: A Queer Comedy Night

SHIT SHOW (as defined by Urban Dictionary)
A description of an event or situation which is characterized by an ridiculously inordinate amount of frenetic activity. Disorganization and chaos to an absurd degree. Often associated with extreme ineptitude/incompetence and or sudden and unexpected failure.

September 28th 
Hosted by Erin Brockobić & Imarra.
Ashley Moffatt
Anders Yates
Rush Kazi
Lucas Loziou
Cara Connors
Amish Patel
Kinsey Fail

July 27th
Open Mic Edition – Hosted by Nick May & Jess Bryson

June 21st
Proud Voices Edition 
– Hosted by Nick May & Jess Bryson
Kinsey Fail
Monica Garrido
Erin Brockobić
Catherine Hernandez
Chris Leveille
JP Larocque
Fisher Price
Chris Middleton

May 4th 
Hosted by Nick May & Jess Bryson
Johnnie Walker
Kinsey Fail
The Bed Post Sex Show
Jess Beaulieu
Monica Garrido
David Tomlinson

*** Important note: We strive on making this a safe(r) event. We will not tolerate homophobia, racism, transphobia, ableism, ageism, misogyny, whorephobia, slut shaming, fat-phobia, or any other jerky behaviour or language. ***

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